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We are looking for seasoned industry pros with something they want to share with younger traders. 

The MasterClass Trader Principles

It Adds Value.

We want to give our students to get something out of this. Our goal is to make everyone a better trader.

It’s Credible.

There are no crappy FX robots or scammy crypto systems here and it will stay that way. Our content comes from real world traders providing content that was not invented yesterday.

It’s Always Ethical.

We represent in the trading industry. We are part of this industry and want to see it flourish. Remember the future of this industry is in the young traders and we are here to help them.

It’s Supportive.

We don’t sell and walk away here. Students are given the help they need to make sure the information is delivered properly.

Most of all, we must put the trader first. That’s not just a throw away line. Many trading firms put the trader last. They look after their own commissions and the exchange’s commissions by pushing their traders into strategies that benefit the company, but not the trader.  It’s short sighted. It’s a ‘cut off the nose to spite the face’ strategy, but it happens. It means potentially great traders leave the industry feeling disgruntled or perhaps not even knowing why it all happened. It’s misleading and just not right. 

MasterClassTrader is designed to empower the trader. Independent trader training allows the trader to make their own decisions, place their own strategy and trade the way they want. The trader comes first. 

Guy Bower
MasterClass Founder

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Words From Traders

About Spread Trading

“So much useful information in these courses. Guy has opened my eyes up. Read the content, read it again, and again. Do the exercises he shows you. There are many profitable approaches in here. Get creative, get beaten up by the market until it sinks in and then read it again. “

About Our Mentor

I was struggling to trade and no bullshit, Guy and his courses helped me see the light. He is always willing to go the extra mile and explain something if your having problems understanding it. Highly recommend it.”

About Spread Strategies

“The material that you are providing is unique. This is really REAL.”

“Wow I have learned so much more than my fellow idiots… Thanks for much for the brain lashing reality check. ”

About Order Flow/DOM

“I am just going through the DOM stuff and man this is awesome. I had a feeling this was how real trading was. Not some crappy Forex robot or system. This is real trading. Thank you man, you’re the best.”

About DOM Market Making

I finished night shift and managed to trade the last hour, ZN ZB. About 50 trades, I’m shocked !! I seriously don’t know what to say. UNBELIEVABLE !!!! 

I can’t stop smiling, you guys are geniuses !!


About Order Flow/DOM

“Just one email from you cleared up a lot of confusion from what was taught in the course [at a prop firm]. I told them that. But I guess that was not what they wanted to hear. Lol.”