Advanced Spread Trading

Learn how to apply a tested and high probability approach to trading commodities.
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Course Descriptor and Learning Outcomes

Spread trading is how professionals go about trading the markets. Everyone from fund managers to proprietary traders know the importance of understanding spread relationships and how markets work together.

Our flagship Advanced Spread Trading course is designed to be an end-to-end approach to trading these markets.

  • We look at why we are trading spreads.
  • We look at the building blocks of spreads.
  • We go deeper into the common types of spreads.
  • We cover technical, fundamental and seasonal analysis.
  • We show you how to find high probability trades using historical data.
  • And we show you how to manage the risk of spreads.

It’s not all pretty pictures here. There is a bit of reading involved, but that is what it takes to learn something properly and know more than the next trader.  

Before you start, you might not know what a spread is. At the end, you will have an approach to trading spreads that is backed by real statistics. It is measurable and logical.

As always, the course comes with complete support, so when you get stuck, just ask.


  • Knowledge of how futures contracts work. See Futures Primer.
  • No trading experience required.
  • The lessons use a data subscription from Seasonalgo. It is highly recommended the user subscribes to Seasonalgo also, although it’s not entirely essential. Ask us for more details and a discount code. 


As a special bonus, for all lessons, you have the option of 1-on-1 support, trade feedback and other material. Just ask for what you need.

Version 2.0

The latest updates are now complete. Please enjoy the new material. We think it is a great step forward. We welcome more ideas too.

Course Progression

The course content is drip fed over a period of 17 days. This means ou should take your time with each section. Ask for more info and ask questions. The more you interact, the better the outcome. 


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